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Research Reports

Senate Counsel, Research and Fiscal Analysis Office issues research reports on issues currently being considered in the Legislature. Some of these reports are requested by senators or required by law. Other reports are the product of interim work by staff on issues which are of interest to legislative committees.

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Budget Summaries
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The Fiscal Review is an annual document summarizing spending in state government for the year. Documents are available in PDF Format.

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Research Reports
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K-12 Education Finance Overview by Dan Mueller and Eric Nauman

K-12 Education Finance Overview by Dan Mueller and Eric Nauman

1994 Minnesota's Programs for Troubled Gamblers by Patrick McCormack

1996 Primary Source Liquor Study by John Williams, House Research Office, and Patrick McCormack and Dan Mueller, Senate Counsel and Research

Stadium Discussion Points by Patrick McCormack and Rand Hove

American Indian Communities in Minnesota edited by Gregory C. Knopff

Transportation Funding and Minnesota's Vehicle Registration Tax by Amy Vennewitz

Direct Shipment of Alcoholic Beverages by Christopher Stang, Patrick McCormack and John Williams

Electronic Filing and Publishing of Campaign Finance Information on the Worldwide Web (PDF document)

Also view Budget Analysis and Fiscal Issue Briefs


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