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S.F. No. 1664 - 2013 Session Corrections Bill (Senate Floor Amendment)
Author: Senator Ron Latz
Prepared By:
Date: May 20, 2013


Section 1 (original bill) corrects a cross-reference in the law governing requests for advisory inspections by state agencies.

Correction 1 (Tomassoni) contains corrections to the Omnibus Jobs and Economic Development bill.  It moves the placement of words to the correct spot in rider language; adds rider language dealing with competitive grant programs that was inadvertently omitted from the conference committee report; and deletes a reference to a telephone number in a Department of Commerce statute that was inadvertently left in the bill.

Correction 2 (Latz) removes rider language in the Omnibus Public Safety Finance bill that is inconsistent with other rider language for the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

Correction 3 (Wiger) contains corrections to the Omnibus E-12 Education bill.  It corrects cross-references; appropriation miscalculation and technical spreadsheet errors; and makes grammatical and language corrections.

Correction  4 (Lourey) adds a section to the Omnibus Health and Human Services appropriations bill that was agreed to, but inadvertently omitted from the conference committee report, dealing with eliminating health disparities grants.

Correction 5 (Skoe) contains corrections to the Omnibus Tax bill relating to achievement and integration revenue; transportation wetlands and natural resource lands; abatement and storm sewer levies; tobacco tax collection; and the appropriation of general education aid.

Correction 6 (Lourey) corrects an erroneous cross-reference in the health plan market bill in a subdivision establishing health carrier disclosure requirements.

Correction 7 (Wiger) corrects the E-12 Education bill to make reorganized language restate the same requirements as those in existing law for high school credits in career and technical education and agriculture science.

Correction 9 (Lourey) includes riders that were omitted from the Omnibus Health and Human Services appropriations bill, clarifying the amounts and purposes for which the Commissioner of Human Services may use general fund appropriations.

Correction 10 (Latz) corrects a cross-reference to a crime of violence in the electronic juvenile case records bill.

Correction 12 (Skoe) changes a reference from the city of Grand Rapids to the city of Grand Marais in the Omnibus Tax bill.


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