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2015-2016 Biennium, Eighty-Ninth Legislature

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Regular Session, Senate Files
Regular Session, House Files

Regular Session, Senate Files
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S.F. 1   Disaster Assistance (As Amended by the Author's A-3 Amendment)
S.F. 4   Recommendations of Governor's Task Force on the Protection of Children (Delete-Everything Amendment SCS0004A-4)
S.F. 5   Workforce Development - the Second Engrossment
S.F. 16   Single estate tax rate and exclusion amount
S.F. 18   Special Technology Revenue Creation and Levy Authorization
S.F. 20   School Endowment Fund School Technology and Telecommunications Reserve Dedication
S.F. 38   Extending research & development credit to sole proprietors and requiring DEED certification (as proposed to be amended by the A-1)
S.F. 39   The Minnesota ABLE Act - first engrossment
S.F. 45   School District Operating Capital Revenue Increase and Revenue for Technology Reserve
S.F. 46   Expanding Mail Balloting Authorization (Committee Engrossment)
S.F. 47   Uniform Faithful Presidential Electors Act
S.F. 51   TANF Appropriation Clarification for the Working Family Credit
S.F. 52   Destination Medical Center aid financing clarification
S.F. 75   Capital Projects Referendum Equalization (as introduced)
S.F. 76   Long-term Facilities Maintenance Revenue (as modified by author's A-1 amendment)
S.F. 78   Education Telecommunications Access Equity and Appropriations
S.F. 80   Including Counties in Municipal Consent Process for Trunk Highway Projects
S.F. 86   Automated License Plate Readers - First Engrossment
S.F. 88   Four-Day School Week Authorization (A-1 Amendment)
S.F. 100   Right to Try Act (with the A-2 amendment)
S.F. 107   Designated Caregiver - First Engrossment
S.F. 110   Extension for Hennepin County to File a Certificate of Approval
S.F. 111   Providing for Registration of Towed Recreational Vehicles on a Three-Year Cycle
S.F. 114   Duluth Food and Beverage and Lodging Tax Modification (as proposed by the A-2 amendment)
S.F. 131   Veterans Homes Cost of Care Calculations Modifications - As Proposed to be Amended by the A-2 Amendment
S.F. 137   Modifying the Family Assets for Independence
S.F. 138   MNvest
S.F. 139   MNsure (Second Engrossment)
S.F. 141   Establishing a Grant Program to Fund Comprehensive Behavioral Health Diversion (First Engrossment)
S.F. 152   Agritourism Liability Limitations
S.F. 157   Full Funding for K-12 Pupil Transportation
S.F. 160   Providing for a vendor sales tax remittance allowance; various other provisions
S.F. 174   Deficiency Appropriations; State Agencies and Compensation - the Conference Committee Report
S.F. 175   Regional Emergency Medical Services Program Grants Procedures and Administration Modification
S.F. 188   Web Site or Self-Service Device Lottery Ticket Sale Suspension Authorization - Second Engrossment
S.F. 205   Campaign Finance Modifications (Committee Engrossment)
S.F. 209   Modifying Manufactured Home Space Requirements
S.F. 222   Veteran-Owned Small Business Certification for State Procurement Modification - the First Engrossment
S.F. 227   Collection Agencies
S.F. 229   Lawful Gambling - Third Engrossment
S.F. 247   Alzheimer's Research Grants; Dementia Public Awareness Grants and Programs - First Engrossment
S.F. 262   Increasing the Number of Voters an Individual may Assist
S.F. 269   Tax Treatment of Gasoline Used as Substitute for Aviation Gasoline (Delete-Everything Amendment SCS0269A-1)
S.F. 273   Nursing Facility Payment Reform (as introduced)
S.F. 276   Noise Barrier Construction on Marked U.S. Highway 10 and Marked Interstate Highway 35W
S.F. 297   Modifying Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act (UOCAVA) Provisions
S.F. 305   Increasing second-tier rate of R & D credit and providing for limited refundability
S.F. 307   Prehospital Care Data Collection and Reporting Responsibilities Modifications
S.F. 316   Establishing the Healthy Eating, Here at Home Program
S.F. 324   Providing for a vendor sales tax remittance allowance
S.F. 336   State Employees Assaulted by Inmates and Patients Health Insurance Coverage - the First Engrossment
S.F. 337   Educational Data Directory Information – First Engrossment
S.F. 345   Purple Heart Designation on Driver’s License
S.F. 348   Legislative Surrogacy Commission Establishment - As Amended by the A-2 Amendment
S.F. 351   Extending the R & D credit to sole proprietors
S.F. 355   Restoration of the Right to Vote to Convicted Felons Upon Release From Incarceration (First Engrossment)
S.F. 356   Disabled Veterans Preference Points and Definition Modification
S.F. 362   Designating the Honor and Remember Flag as an Official Symbol - the First Engrossment
S.F. 379   Ambulance Service Requirements Provisions Modifications
S.F. 384   Forfeiture; Innocent Owners--First Engrossment
S.F. 385   Modifying Forfeiture Laws on how Proceeds from Forfeited Property may be used
S.F. 397   Blue Alert System (Second Engrossment)
S.F. 405   Statutory Default Penalty Lowered
S.F. 410   Advance Care Planning Grant Program (First Engrossment)
S.F. 414   Early Voting Authorization (the Committee Engrossment)
S.F. 420   Rural Workforce System Coordinators
S.F. 421   Authority for All Cities to Assess Unpaid Garbage Collection Charges (First Engrossment)
S.F. 427   Veterans Trust Modifications; Big Island Veterans Camp Board of Governors Repeal
S.F. 455   Election Administration Bill (First Committee Engrossment)
S.F. 466   Peace Officer-Involved Deaths Investigation Policy Requirement
S.F. 474   Health Care Regulatory Review Task Force (Second Engrossment)
S.F. 482   Nuisance Protection for Agricultural Operations
S.F. 489   Enhanced Debt Service Equalization for Districts in Unique Situations
S.F. 490   Debt Service Equalization Increase
S.F. 492   Establishing Redistricting Principles and a Redistricting Commission
S.F. 499   DWI Forfeiture Exception for Offenders Participating in Ignition Interlock Programs
S.F. 501   Quality Measures and Payment Method Adjustments to Recognize Health Disparities
S.F. 504   Former and Current Military Members Expedited and Temporary Health Licensing Establishment
S.F. 505   Modifying the Maltreatment of Minors Act
S.F. 517   Biochemical Producer Payment Programs
S.F. 520   Snowmobile Registration Fees
S.F. 546   Noise Barrier Construction on Marked Trunk Highway 100 in Edina
S.F. 548   Modifying the Homeless Youth Act
S.F. 562   DWI Law Modifications
S.F. 570   Requiring the Disclosure of DWI Preliminary Screening Test Results
S.F. 604   General Education Disparity Aid
S.F. 610   DWI Implied Consent Proceedings; Necessity Defense
S.F. 618   Industrial Hemp
S.F. 643   Health Care for Low-Income Uninsured Adults and Children
S.F. 660   Affidavits of Residency
S.F. 669   Aquatic Invasive Species Decal (Delete-Everything Amendment)
S.F. 673   Sustainable Forest Incentives Act; Early Withdrawal for Conservation Easement
S.F. 675   Appointment of County Offices
S.F. 694   Saint Paul Port Authority Modifications
S.F. 724   Local Optional Revenue Eligibility and Allowance
S.F. 737   Cosmetology Examiners Board Provisions Modifications - First Engrossment
S.F. 771   Land Surveying Provisions Modifications
S.F. 777   Cigarette Excise Tax Annual Indexing Repeal (as proposed by the A-1 amendment)
S.F. 782   Insurance Fraud Prevention
S.F. 825   Health and Human Services Budget Establishment and Provisions Modifications
S.F. 1060   Excluding Aerodynamic Device from Certain Vehicle Length Limits
Regular Session, House Files
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H.F. 6   Federal tax conformity; Destination Medical Center financing; first engrossment

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